28 September, 2005

Insecure much?

Why does this remind me of those guys who want so badly to convince you they're straight, lifting weights all the time and keeping their hair trimmed all cute-like?
Red state newspaper looking for like-minded
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
Job Status: Full-time
Website: http://rhinotimes.com
The Rhinoceros Times, a family-owned conservative weekly in Greensboro, NC, is looking for a full-time reporter. We expect reporters to write lengthy, well-researched stories.
Funny how you never see liberals applying this sort of political litmus test. Go figure.


Eh? Liberals are just so much more discreet, the shrewd elitists that they are. Only half joking. 

Posted by Dan

Aw, fucking weak! They're stealing our iconography! 

Posted by saurabh

Yes, Saurabh saw the real problem. Whose frickin Rhinoceros? Our frickin Rhinoceros. Repeat 100 times slow. 

Posted by hedgehog

I actually don't get the answer to your first question, but maybe it's b/c I've never actually known too many of those guys outside the movies.

Too bad they're family owned, or y'all could try to recruit Robert Stribley  to help with a hostile takeover. Arrrrrr!


Posted by Saheli

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