21 September, 2005


Apropos of nothing, check out this video of a guy doing push-ups with a raw egg under each hand. Holy cannoli.

Incidentally, this reminds me of things you should NOT do:

Once I was at a party with a very good friend of mine. I told him how great the integrity of an egg is, and how it was essentially impossible to crush it in one's hand. He expressed skepticism, so we went to the fridge and got an egg. He held it over the sink while I watched him try and crush it.

Now, the reason an egg cannot be crushed by human hands is because of its dome shape. This distributes pressure efficiently across the surface, so that only by a very, very great force or by concentration of force on a single point can you crack the egg. The normal human hand cannot do this, simply because of the way the fingers wrap around it. However, if you have long fingers with oddly-shaped knuckles, it's possible to apply enough force at a single point to crack the egg. Continued application will result in catastrophic collapse, sending yolk and egg whites squirting out across any bystanding friend's kurta-payjama.

This now goes on the list of Really Stupid Things I Will Never Live Down, along with that time I tipped over my kayak in the Charles River ("It's nearly impossible to tip a kayak," I told my brother. "Watch!"), and that time I took the bus the wrong way home from Arsenal Mall.


Add to the list, taking the train all the way to Grafton. 

Posted by DearDarlingDidi

Hey! how do you know about that? 

Posted by saurabh

Older sisters always know these things, Saurabh, it's useless to fight them. It only gives them more twisted joy.

Luckily I'm not the dare-ya sort, or I might have ruined more salwar kameejs than I already did rock collecting and the like.  

Posted by Saheli

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