10 October, 2005


Something I enjoy: decent graphics. Check it out:

Energy flow in USA, 2004

At the same page, you'll find Petroleum  Natural Gas  Coal  Electricity


I have to ask given that the graphic is from the DOE--is it true? 

Posted by Saurav

Oh my god, that's so awesome it's actually hot.

Saurav, I'm biased since the overwhelming majority of my paid salary over the years has been funded by the DOE, but just b/c it's federal doesn't mean it's necessarily evil. The DOE is one of the leading funding and organizing bodies of scientific research in this country. Most of the friendly bureacrats are just that, plodding scientists and engineers just doing their job.

Which is not to say it's true, but that it very well could be.  

Posted by Saheli

Geez! Only 33% of our energy is imported? Then what's all the fuss over Iraqi Oil for? If we cut energy consumption in each sector (Residentail, COmmercial,e tc...) by 8%, out dependence on foreign oil would disappear!

(Yeah, yeah, idealsitic sisters have no place on this blog, but whatev...) 

Posted by DearDarlingDidi

Note that that 6.12% renewable energy covers things we don't typically consider particularly environmentally friendly: wood, hydroelectric, and ethanol (which studies showed use more energy in production due to fossil inputs).  

Posted by Dan

The relevant figure for oil imports is actually the linked Petroleum graph. There, you'll note that we import twice as much as we produce domestically.

As to oil dependency, we're never going to end that so long as we consume oil. First, American production has been in terminal decline for the past 30-odd years, and second, even if it wasn't, the price  of oil still depends on middle east production, since they're supplying the bulk of the world's oil. So even if you're not actually importing anything, it doesn't actually make any difference to the price of the stuff.  

Posted by saurabh

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