05 October, 2005


Before any new product, idea, or war can grow in the physical world, soil must be tilled and fertilized in the minds of the public. This is the process that Jacques Ellul called "pre-propaganda." Modern governments have learned from the marketing world how to engage in pre-propaganda in obvious but effective ways. Like this transparent attempt to make English people hate Iran.

I hope those leftover Iraqis like the taste of dead Iranians!

Oh and did I mention that Get Your War On has a new page or two published, along with this plaintive request?
NOTE: I apologize for not keeping the web site updated. From now on, the easiest way to read GYWO comics in a timely manner is probably to convince the editor of your local alternative weekly to publish them. Thanks.


Pre-propaganda toward what? Is Tony Blair going to invade Iran? With what army? 

Posted by Dan

With the army he has, not the army he wishes he had, obviously. 

Posted by saurabh

Come on, guys. You know exactly which army . 

Posted by hedgehog

This reminds me of a bit from "Jurassic Park" that I always liked, where some dude (I think the vet) is describing how he would come down and watch the T. rex. "Sometimes he looks over at those apatasaurs and wriggles those tiny forearms of his in frustration." 

Posted by saurabh

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