25 October, 2005

What on earth are you looking for?

Gerry: The Jon Stewart parody of Mallard Fillmore is a cross of a rhino and a hedgehog. For the peak of rhinocrisy, and to torture saurabh, oil a kleen kanteen in the red amino methyl tyrosinate.

This post is composed entirely of the search terms most likely to have sent readers to Rhinocrisy in the past six months. Apparently, procrastinatory disquisitions on evolutionary biology, politics, and cartography will attract a substantial readership among fans of Mallard Fillmore, Jon Stewart and Kleen Kanteens.


Hmm. I had no idea who Mallard Fillmore was, so of course Googled him. And then I was stupefied as to what he'd be doing in Rhinocrisy, so I searched for Mallard Fillmore in Rhinocrisy on Google. Didn't find anything. Used blogsearch. Found Saurabh's post. Now I am thoroughly depressed. How do I manage to forget that people like that exist?  

Posted by Saheli

I had no idea what you were talking about, so I did the same. Allow me to save the next procrastinator a bit of time . 

Posted by hedgehog

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