02 November, 2005

A Blog Revolution

I think it's neat how blargs are forcing interactivity on more traditional media.

Ha'aretz, for example, started putting comments on all their articles. They're not especially informative, but they are a remarkable juxtaposition, with the measured journalism of the paper on one side and the hotheaded rants of Israeli/Palestinian society on the other.

Or consider this salacious science article about the effect of make-up on attractiveness. The comments aren't especially enlightening in and of themselves, but they do say a little something about how (and what) people ingest when they read. This article, for example, describes a study whose essential conclusion was, (a) beauty is a strong cue for fertility, and (b) make-up can compensate for lack of beauty. The responses, mostly from women, run the gamut:
Natural beauty has always been that "natural" and beautiful, but at what point will women realize themselves, without looking at the latest magazine or model to pattern themselves after.

Great article, hopefully the light bulbs start glowing for some.

- Cath, Canada
Make-up won't help an ugly woman; if she's ugly, no amount of make up will help. Make up is only there to enhance features.
- Jennifer Fletcher, London UK
My favorite doesn't even address the substance of the article, but undercuts the assumptions of the person who wrote it:
"It is the most important part of a woman's day."

Words fail me about how offensive that opening statement is. It belittles all the other contributions and accomplishments that women make to society and their families and friends during the day, whether at the office or at home or elsewhere. Putting on make-up may "set the stage" for the day for many women, but it's hardly the most important part of the day.

- Anne, USA
I'm actually starting to expect it, now. The other day I was reading an article about two new moons discovered orbiting Pluto. I immediately thought, "How do they know these are actual moons and not Kuiper Belt transients? I better post a comment acting about it." It was only after I began searching for the comment link that I remembered, "Oh. Right. You can't do that everywhere." Yet.

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