09 November, 2005

Can I please have a status report?

I want to know when this Global War on Terrorism is going to start, you know, reducing terrorism. Because this is getting ever less fun.

I am impressed by the growing use of "citizen journalists" on the BBC site. Now if some of those emotional testimonials -- which are great -- could also add to the news story with direct quotes, exact numbers of injured, number of emergency personnel on the scene, etc., that would be even better.


In my pre 9/11 minor obsession with AQ I wrote up a goofy long hand proposal for an America Jordan Foundation, and after 9/11 I wouldn't shut up about it for a while. So much potential for a positive investment instead of our billions in negative wastage, so many opportunities lost. Of course I don't know a single Jordanian well, and am not likely to travel there any time soon, so it was just an idea. But today I somewhat stupidly feel like I personally have let them down.  

Posted by Saheli

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