09 November, 2005

Good reasons not to melt skin off children

I liked number 3. BECAUSE IT FUCKING MELTS SKIN OFF CHILDREN. But numbers 1 and 2 are worth perusing as well.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Hopefully you're not American. Because if you are, I am talking about your tax dollars at work.


Hey, your two year anniversary is in 5 days. Celebrate! Throw a party! Be Positive!

P.S. There is something wrong with your commenting system, and your site shows up kinda wierd in Safari, with the sidebar being first and then all the posts.

Posted by Nikhil Mulani

Yeah, what's with that? I can't troubleshoot this because I don't have Safari. But it renders okay in Konqueror and Mozilla, so I blame Safari.

Also, what is wrong with the commenting system? 

Posted by saurabh

Here is a screenshot of your site in safari. When I try to post a comment, it makes me go to blogger, login, and then post again.

Posted by Nikhil Mulani

Oh, it does that Blogger Login thing for me too, in Firefox in Windows. I just assumed it was part of the byzantine anti-comment spam system. :-) 

Posted by Saheli

i was wondering why we only got comments from other blogger members ... gotta luv blogger! 

Posted by hedgehog

If youleave the comment really fast like I am right now it doesn't do it.  

Posted by Saheli

It does that if the comment verification times out (or something like that). Just select 'anonymous' for posting your comment and it should be fine. The actual identity that shows up in the post is in the body of the comment anyway. 

Posted by saurabh

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