09 November, 2005

Holiday decoration changes

Woops. Past time to take down that old poll. I guess those fetus jokes weren't as funny as they sounded.

Continuing in that vein, new lackadaisical poll up. In case you can't tell, my creative energies are running at a low ebb, here. I think they're actually being funneled into graduate school. (Can you imagine? What, me, conscientious?) Next time I'm going to make Hedgehog do the poll.


neither you nor any of our readers know that for years, i received mail addressed to "foetus" and listened frequently to the band "scraping foetus off the wheel." once a friend and i were portaging a heavy canoe through a massachusetts suburb. he wanted to sing a marching song but the only song we could think of that we both knew was by foetus. it went:

if moses had heard about this
there would have been another commandment
thou shalt not slaver
on thine cadaver
when all thine fat
is in the fire
it isn't the melody
that lingers on
it's the malady
that malingers on
i've got the devil to pay
and he's keeping the change
but i can't stand the thought
of another cold day
in hell

and what's funny about all this is that i can still write that from memory 20 years later. 

Posted by hedgehog

As opposed to "who".

Posted by Saheli

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