01 November, 2005

I am sad.

All told, I think I spent something like $60 trying to look like a monkey. This is probably one of the most appealing costumes I've had in a while. First, Sun Wukong is a trickster, and I have a passion for trickster figures. He is also a clear derivative of Hanuman, who is one of a handful of trickster-like figures that appear in Hindu mythology, and also happens to be the closest thing I have an isht-deva. His weapon of choice is the staff, which I've been learning for maybe a year and can actually fight somewhat effectively with. He's a magician. And, of course, he's a monkey.

Unfortunately, the buildup to Halloween coincided with this damned ENCODE (ENCyclopedia Of Dna Elements) meeting. The meeting went rather well. Seattle seems to be a nice city, and I'm somewhat alarmed by the fact that the West Coast is about ten-fold more progressive than the "liberal north-east", just at first glance. I made a lot of valuable contacts, greatly improved my education in a single night (as well as my confidence in my own powers). I did not, however, get to work on my rather elaborate costume. I never was good with deadlines.

Next year, I am going to do this thing in San Francisco, where Hedgehog says it's something like a week-long festival. And I will be a damn fine monkey. (Unless someone knows another holiday where you get to dress up.)


And while you're here, perhaps you can call me on your banana.  

Posted by hedgehog

Dude, I totally feel your pain. First I was going to be a Geisha Girl as part of an exoticized asians group. Then I toyed with French maid b/c it's cheap, and I need an apron anyway. Then I was going to be War along with my friend Death, and hand out informative flyers, and man did I have some good stuff for that. But nobody wanted to be Famine and Pestilence---imagine that. The tiger costume for Hobbes was complete luck--it was dinged and so had been returned. Everything else left in the store was leopard and pricey. Next year more planning. My pirate wench costume last year was much better, even if my parrot came of as rather desi and gay.

Hanuman is a pretty good ishta-deva, really. I would think the Monkey King is more derivative of one of Hanuman's less monkish cousins--Sugriva or Bali, say. You should definitely come out here and experience halloween next year---I even know someone with a great plastic pig nose who can back you up with her jo  fighting skills. In fact, she and Calvin scared off some passersby on BART practicing with the bamboo stick. We might be able to put together a whole Journey to the West troop for you. I think you'd aslo approve of one of my other friends costumes (see my flickr, don't have the link handy right now, it's on the blog.)

Speaking of which,
you might enjoy this.  and get a chuckle out of this.

That banana phone is pretty tempting.

Posted by Saheli

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