24 November, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving. I deeply appreciate your coming here to read our random thoughts and musings. And I feel lucky to get to write on this blargh. And I'm thankful that no one is pressuring me to eat turkey today. I feel lucky to be alive in this time and place, no matter how much I make fun of it. Hooray.


A happy thanksgiving to you too. I'm happy that no one is pressuring me to eat turkey either ;). It's a yearly dudpuck (right spelling?) and purri along with batateka shak.
Posted by Nikhil Mulani

Thanks for sharing them with us. :-) Yay for this time and place, and yay for clever people to make fun of us when we get too full of ourselves. :-) And yay for no turkey. :-) 

Posted by Saheli

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