15 November, 2005

Toodle pip

Bye! I'm off to the other side of the pond for a merry jaunt, wot wot! While I'm there I'll be sure to smoke a kipper and throw a shrimp on the barbie. Wait... is that somewhere else? Um.

Anyway, while fretting about plane travel, I looked up mortality statistics at the National Safety Council. Turns out that almost no one dies in plane accidents. However, more than 10% of externally-caused deaths are people shooting themselves. Suicide overall is almost 18%. Holy cow! That's one sad country.


another way of looking at it, if you have a gun, you're 50% more likely to kill yourself with it than someone else. in practical terms a true self-defense posture would be to give the gun to someone who doesn't like you, because that way you're statistically safer. 

Posted by chromo

Have a fun trip! Don't stay in the hotel the whole time, take pictures for me so I can satiate my very latent Anglophila.

And don't go to Italy before I do! (Italiophilia?) 

Posted by DearDarlingDidi

don't give Americans Guns, it's simple. They are not mentally ready for the power of giving & taking life ( broad generalisation I'm sure some of them are!) 

Posted by disco si

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