26 November, 2005

The truth about evolution and math

The truth lies at the Uncyclopedia.
Evolution is a process that allows dinosaurs to lay chicken eggs and monkeys to give birth to humans. Usually evolution is seen to be a sign of progress, but this doesn't explain George W. Bush. Evolution was a popular pseudoscience in the late twentieth century, before scientists finally proved the truth of Creationism.
Don't worry, it doesn't end there.

In other speciation news, Pharyngula was featured in the City Pages and some Aussie at Cal documented high-speed frog speciation, caught in midstream. A new species, yours in just 8,000 years. In the middle of the ID "debate," this might be big enough news to make the papers, but so far that pleasure has not been its.

And most importantly of all, some clever jerks have remembered the most basic response to the Intelligent Design folks. Point out such pleasures as the human appendix, which serves no purpose except to kill off otherwise healthy kids. Or my frickin back, which has left me for three days in the kind of pain that drives me to addle my mind with intelligently designed distillates of the opium poppy. If God designed us in His image, He must have a few seriously herniated discs. Or maybe just a sick sense of humor. Which can not be said for these guys.

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