13 November, 2005

With advisors like this...

I hope I'm not the only one to worry upon seeing that this guy is advising the Jordanian government on counterterrorism. Wasn't he the first of Bush's crony-nominees to get the axe? Sadly yes. He's the one who botched the training of Iraqi police and used his 9/11 budget bump to set up a bedroom for booty bumps. And now... the NY Times says:
"This is going to lead to a lot of good intel," said Bernard B. Kerik, former New York City police commissioner, who has been advising the Jordanian government on security issues. The bombing was "a demonstration that this is not about Zarqawi's hatred of America but about his hatred for his own people," Mr. Kerik said of the Jordanian-born militant.
And in other news, I wonder what the arrest of an embittered Iraqi woman will do to those who knee-jerkedly blamed Israel for the Jordan bombings. If only enmities were so simple.

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