02 December, 2005

Italian ice, anyone?

Don't miss this alarmist piece of nonsense from New Scientist, which reports on new findings that the northward flow of warm water in the Gulf Stream has apparently reduced by 30% over the past 50-odd years, with most of the reduction happening between 1992 and 1998. This current is, as you already know, the only thing keeping Europe so warm and balmy at those ridiculously high latitudes. Looks like my plan to move off to Barcelona is out (just when I had nearly perfected my lisp). Crumb. Any other good suggestions?


How about Juneau? Two summers in a row of little rain, lots of sun, no mosquitos. Nice until the forests all burn... 

Posted by Heddy the hog

You're trying to move to Barcelona too? What's up with that? It's not enough that we have almost the same name? :) 

Posted by Saurav

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