14 December, 2005

Kurt Vonnegut wrote my dream

This dream was too weird not to write down.

When I was young, in the war I was in the army. Except I never saw any action. All I did was take part in one mission where I was dropped in to blow up some hotel, I'm not sure why. Except at the last minute I was pulled out and never actually blew up anything.

After the war, I was in one of those G.I. bill work programs, to help you get by. But for some reason, they had written in my file that my expertise was social work, in advising people on pregnancy of all things. So they made me a pregnancy counselor for the rural hospitals in my area. For some reason I couldn't bring myself to tell them that the only relevant experience I had was that I aborted on some balcony.

This is where my memory cuts out... I meet someone equally strange while I'm at the hospital and he tells me something.


Saurabh, your dream reminds me of Use of Weapons   by Iain Banks. I don't know if that's your cup of tea, or not. I was a bit irritated by the ending, since I was hoping all the enjoyable moody atmospherics would lead to something a little deeper, but other than that it's quite good as these things go. It also very vaguely reminds me of In the Skin of a Lion which is one of my favorite novels. There's something about hotels and war that go together. I heard once that pregnancy dreams (for women) and having to deal with small baby dreams (for men) are a common kind of nightmare, along with the usual naked dreams, drowning dreams, exam dreams, chase dreams, etc..

I think your solar enegery calculations got to me in my sleep; I dreamt that about twenty years from now, various friends of mine (including blog-mates) and I were meeting up for a trip down to the Sierras. Having had to renounce cars for most everyday uses, we were all a bit nervous about going for such a long drive. We were renting a new kind of car for the occaision, which was actually quite stunning--a lime green thing that looked sort of like today's Subaru Outback, though it was clearly labeled a Honda civic, very low roof yet with a carriage high off the ground, and an utterly bizarre way of stacking passengers facing each other, perpendicular to travel, with their knees held up, somehow. It had dark windows and dark panels on the roof, which I blithely assumed were solarcells, and one of my friends explained that it was basically a crushable plastic box, like a Smart Car, and therefore very light. It wasn't entirely clear if it was gas-burning at all, but it seemed like it wasn't. There were all kinds of nifty spaces and corners for packing food and supplies in. It was odd, b/c all this discussion was happening outside my exact same house as it is today, and the locations were all the same, but there were just many more people around. I'm discerning the time frame from the fact that an as of now nonexistent grownup nephew of mine was complaining that he might never learn to drive, since cars were so scarce.

I guess I'm too optimistic when I fall asleep. :-D 

Posted by Saheli

Very interesting, Saurabh.

I don't have many dreams(Thanks to my dreamcatcher?), but if I do, they usually are medleys of something major in the news and something in my school life. Like a particularly vivid and repeating image with me stranded on a raft with my least favorite teacher and a killer whale circling the raft. (This dream first appeared a year ago, after there was a picture of a beached whale in the newspaper). 

Posted by Nikhil

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