15 December, 2005

Look, real news

I've gone through some U.S. government websites and learned that of all the agencies that could be taking part in the hurricane recovery in New Orleans, hardly any continue to release weekly progress reports. FEMA continues to update us on Mississippi housing. I found one for the Energy Information Administration, which each week updates us on how oil and gas are faring in the wake of this disruption.

FEMA filed its most recent Louisiana recovery "weekly" report December 3, almost 2 weeks ago.

The Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security stopped filing routine statements a month ago. Not that they were anything special -- what kind of Inspector General files an 11-line summary as his/her "inspection" of a $15 billion project? Hell, if that's all a CPA does, sign me up.

The next day, the EPA filed its last "Activities Update."weekly.

But the good news is that the Preznit has kept his destruction-prone self out of the region for two months. Relief, of sorts.

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