11 December, 2005

Someone shat on the editorial page!

I don't understand how people can write editorials for widely-read newspapers and produce nothing but bloviation. Check out this editorial in the London Times, which raises the bugaboo of "liberal intelligentsia" complaining about the Christian undertones of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", but neglects to give even a SINGLE concrete example of such a complaint. Then again, people seem to have no problem hosting cable network "news" shows consisting entirely of bloviation. Amazingly, all these people work for Rupert Murdoch. Interestingly, I recently discovered that in 1980, shortly before he bought the Times, Murdoch acquired a majority share in a large hot-air concern. Apparently this has been fueling the success of his media empire ever since.


This editorial is clearly idiotic, but to be fair to its first half, people here really are ragging on Narnia a lot on religious grounds. Take for example this review , which spends one paragraph commenting on its qualities as a movie before going into a tirade against Christianity (which I pretty much agree with). It a pretty hilarious read, actually; halfway through the authors says, in effect, "I'm going to begin ranting now," as though he hasn't been ranting so far!

Also, the movie review I heard on Radio 4 (the BBC) wasn't explicitly anti-Christian, but did worry about whether it would help with proselytizing. In both cases, it did strike me as weird that people talked more about religion than about anything specific to the movie. 

Posted by aram

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