27 January, 2006


The stage-fright of seeing us nominated for an award (an award! for a blargh!) left me momentarily tongue-tied. Then I checked the access logs and saw that our newfound fame had so far failed to deliver its intimated deluge of readers. So with that, back to the fun.


I see award lists as more or less decent lists to begin my fishing expeditions in, not much more but not so much less either. :-p

I am left contemplating the spectroscopic possibilities of a quantized mood field, like a (1/r^6)-modulated fluorescent resonant energy transfer between two bipolar blargh-force fermionic grad students. But if blargh is the opposite of ping, and they can cancel each other out, then that means they are charged force carriers--and that means that mood is either a weak force or strong force. Given strong emotions that rise from critical mass, I'm guessing strong force.  

Posted by Saheli

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