03 January, 2006

A New Year Has Come!

Ah, yes. It is now 2006.

That other year, which we shall not name, was not a good year. Many people died. Many more entered this unfortunate world. Others were forced to memorize multiplication tables and eat their greens. Some lost their virginity in embarassingly brief encounters and felt humiliated afterwards. Others had no sex at all and felt hollow. A few crawled across the sky of a wide Western state under the nylon wings of a glider and knew a moment of peace. Most wished they were someone else, somewhere else, with different dreams, and a few extra inches of height.

But this year will be better. In this year, we will give babies beautiful names not chosen out of vanity. We will sing more, loudly, and we will readily sing the harmony parts, with good cheer and without complaint. We will make more delicious things. We will want less and give more. We will stroke each other and not ourselves. We will pause and see things we never saw before that were there all the time, and it will amaze and delight us. We will listen when someone says, "...", and we will be silent for a moment as we reflect on it. We will not distinguish between the future and the present.

P.S. As you may note, I've redone the site. I'll take your complaints here.


That's beautiful. Can we have a New Year's resolution to write from the heart? I have almost forgotten how.



Posted by hedgey

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