23 January, 2006

Oh crap! We're in arrears!

Sorry for the long delay in updating that old poll. (To top it off, the results were inconclusive. Now we'll never know!)

There's a new one.


can't let the ex-husband be first? 

Posted by Saheli

GAH!!! My attempt to rig the poll results failed!!! 

Posted by DearDarlingDidi

dear rhinos:

i have been at my job for 200-something years and i am running out of ideas. i know that my product is very valuable and rare but this pitch just isn't generating business the way it used to. to me, it seems good to make a large number of people pay the ultimate price, but i am afraid that office politics and legacy contracts stand in the way of invigorating our sales operation in this age of global competition.

i know the customers want to pay more - especially for what they already have. what can i do to get them?

yours, disumbabilated in dee-cee 

Posted by david

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