28 February, 2006

Blogpost frenzy!

So long as my soul (yes my soul, not my frontal lobe) is being run daily through a cider press (yes a cider press, not a trash compactor), I might as well post a blog post now and then. So:
  • Item: DefenseTech says Iraq is about to have some new infrastructure. The U.S. Army has put in for new roads in previously unpopulated areas so they can drive their vehicles unmolested by bombs. So we can add urban sprawl to the unpleasantnesses deluged upon the birthplace of Western civilization. (Unless they come up with German-strength zoning codes that will keep new highways from inducing sprawl. I suppose while they're at it, they could come up with an instant radioactivity decayer to neutralize all the "depleted" uranium. And they can all have a pony!)
  • Item: The too-rarely-cited William Arkin, the brilliant military reporter who got pushed out of the LA Times for being, frankly, too good, writes that secret anti-terrorism programs were already rife in the U.S. government before 9/11. He concludes, in his commie way:
    The existence of a set of overlapping secret counter-terrorist organizations before 9/11 should punctuate the failures of the government and thus create an environment of deep skepticism today about the government's competence to pursue terrorists. What appears to be happening instead is the perpetuation of the myth that secret organizations -- properly managed and given free reign -- will protect us in the future.
  • Item: George W. Bush's opinion polls are truly amazing. In case you haven't seen the latest one from CBS, well, it might cheer you up. Go read the PDF of the unfiltered results. Isn't it great that Americans are so polite about their protest? Compare it to the mostly Muslim crowd in India that according to the Associated Press showed up hours ago to chant "Death to Bush" as the petulant prince visits their country. Unfortunately their focused visualization killed several marijuana plants, angering local residents.
  • Item: The Iraq war turns 3 this month. It's good to be almost through with the terrible twos. Fortunately, the good parents are finally starting to think about which nursery school it should attend.
  • Item: In conversations recently, I found that several of my best friends were first turned on to blechgs by Tom Tomorrow. I very much want to thank Mr. Tomorrow for giving us all a laugh or two and showing us what blogs could be before we knew, or even hated, the word 'blog.'
  • Item: !


Mmmmm, fresh soul-cider. Mmmm.

If by parents you mean the people who did the $#%*ing up to get it going, then sure. But those responsible for the actual travail  , teething, and diaper-changing are half-ready ready to let the wolves at it, despite still buying the line about the conception resulting from sincere terror-sex.  

Posted by Saheli

Let's try to maintain our sense of proportion, however. In the past week or so since that shrine in Samarra was bombed, 1300 people have died.  Somehow urban sprawl doesn't even begin to compare. 

Posted by saurabh

i'm pretty sure i was turned on and  off by this . RIP

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