08 March, 2006

Gaffney Plays Dems for Chumps

Just as I was starting to think that maybe there were good reasons to question the Dubai ports deal, David, in comments, shows us that Frank Gaffney is behind this firestorm. Yes, that Frank Gaffney. The only question now is who Gaffney is really representing in all this. Who are the other port management firms? Who could come out ahead if Dubai gets blocked?


this situation is  an excellent and mostly harmless way to put republican congresscritters on the right side of the competence line in the extremely long war against global violent terror (ELWAGVT). holy cats. the UAE typed the rather memo! and sent the postal anthrax! 

Posted by david

(reading today's right wing comment pages, i'm convinced the lame duck strawman has just been chopped and tossed so the congressional sharks can show their teeth for the camera. it looks like bush admin apologists everywhere are having target practice with the newly exposed body. what was the source again for the katrina video? was it revealed as coincidence?) 

Posted by david

I thought the Katrina video was leaked by HeckuvaJob Brownie, as part of his master plan to avenge those who hung him out to dry. I have little evidence to support that thought. 

Posted by hedgencrisy

okay so then what made brownie a trustworthy expert witness in failures upstream from him? more than anyone in the world, that man loves ponies, and i bet he gets one for playing whistleblower at the right time. 

Posted by david

months ago i wrote somewhere the heartfelt cry of the american public: THE NEXT TIME YOU TELL US WHAT WE WANT TO HEAR IT BETTER BE F***ING TRUE

sorry for the spamming. just, think about it. what is the 2 things hanging over the heads of congressional republicans? graft. dereliction of constitutional duty. both of those are addressed decoratively but in no meaningful way by twin investigations into the ports deal and handling of hurricane relief.

for the hardcore people, the transfer of power to the presidency is paramount. if the republicans lose the congress now this transfer of power will be easier to unravel. when one does not care about one's reputation - certainly nobody in the white house is worried about public opinion in terms of setting real policy - why not spend it, as an investment in future power consolidation? what lies are too big? is this set of lies bigger than WMDs? 

Posted by david

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