30 March, 2006

Hooray, she's back!

Everyone*'s favorite artist will be at the San Francisco Exploratorium this Saturday with her installation, SF in Jello. I'll be there. I hope Jello Biafra can show up to close the loop.

*Everyone named Hedgehog, that is.


Echan, ToastyKen and I saw the jello model, sans shaking but cum fog, at the Exploratorium opening of Reocnsidered Materials. My boss accused me of being a hipster for going, while another editor was cynically jaded by the whole thing, and seemed amused at my freshfaced naivete. Apparently everyone else was in line to see it b/c of boing boing, but I had enough indie-blog loyalty to inform people that I find out about it on _rhinocrisy_. ;-) The presence of Jello Biafra would, indeed, have been awesome, but I think true loop closure can be attained only by the manifestation of a jello-tentacled creature. Though really, it would be more appropriate if made out of agar gel. 

Posted by Saheli

Jello Biafra is wee bit too litigious for me. One of GP's teachers taught two brothers named Orange Jello and Lemon Jello (they were also chronicled in Freakonomics). They may be better candidates than Mr. Biafra. 

Posted by judevac

I'm hungry. 

Posted by someone else

your favorite artist seems to be on shaky ground.  

Posted by stfrisco

The Pakistanis are now getting the idea  -- but they would have a much easier time if they just rebuilt it in Jello. But seriously - S. was right, it was a pretty small and unspectacular attraction. The Explodatorium was fun as usual, though. 

Posted by hedgedog

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