17 March, 2006

The most pressing issue in our communities...

is the prohibition of
"intimate touching, sexual squatting or sexual bending" during school dances.
Thank heavens we have someone working on that. (I don't like freak dancing either. It hurts to rub up against the backside of a porcupine.)


hedgey, weren't you listening? saurabh advocates mating with as much genetic distance as possible. spiny-backed girl porcupines are clearly too closely related to you. and freak dancing with baby porcupines is not allowed!

i am amused b/c i think of the girl's back to the boy's front as the most innocuous, cheesy style 60s era "mythological" filmi dancing, right up there with running behind a tree. you want freak dancing? try slithering on the ground like a serpent! 

Posted by Saheli

=v= I imagine it would be just as bad to rub up against a Hedgehog's backside. Not that there's anything wrong with that. 

Posted by Jym

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