22 March, 2006

Retread of tired "prisoner abuse" issue.

For some reason the New York Times feels like this story about extensive torture in a Special Ops prison called Camp Nama in Baghdad is newsworthy. I don't know when the MSM is going to get it through its thick collective skull that we've already dealt with that whole torture issue. We punished the people responsible for Abu Ghraib; Americans have moved on. Why won't the media?*

I think it's about time to get some t-shirts made. How about, "Don't fuck with me - I'm a citizen of an evil torture state"?

* Also, why won't the torturers?


That High Five Painball Club No Blood No Foul Masonic Pyramid sign is nauseating.  

Posted by Saheli

i miss the good old days with the prostitution rings and ordinary boys-will-be-rapists that you could talk about in public with a little bit of pride in their young energy. sinking fishing boats. bringing ski lifts crashing to the ground. hell even funneling money to terrorist death squads has more dignity and charisma than this. this just makes me want to shake my head and wonder, why did we ever let these bozos do  anything? leave them at camp med and give the real work to the CIA. damn. 

Posted by hibiscus

Michael Smith just got sentenced to 6 months out of a possible 8.5 years for torturing Abu Ghraib prisoners with his german sheperd. Does that mean we take torture about 5.88% as seriously as we could?

Posted by Saheli

Americans have moved on. So have some of the torturers. They've moved on with the gift of a prisoner hood and a chunk of tile and some are back in the states and soon they'll be applying for jobs at your local police department and corporate security unit. I wonder if they'll be in charge of focus groups? Make those respondents earn their $75, that's what I say. 

Posted by hedgedog

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