12 March, 2006

Return of the living dead!

I am back from Mexico!*

I have learned many things, some of which I even remember. More on that later. Some anecdotes from the trip home:

Detroit is the worst airport I have ever been in. It took an hour to get through customs. They inspected my luggage twice at two separate checkpoints. In their defense, I did have a healthy tan and a scruffy beard.

On the ramp to the plane to Boston, a small rubber wheel nestled against the hull of the plane warned us, "Danger! Do not touch." It wasn't obvious why it was dangerous. The guy in front of me leaned down and touched it.

My cab driver on the way home was an angry gnome of some sort. He may have been experiencing gnome culture shock. He made arcane hand-spells to try and get the pedestrians in the crosswalk to move faster and rolled down his window to shout at people who honked at him for driving in two lanes at once. I short-changed him by a dollar when it came time to pay because I didn't have that much American currency on me.

* I bet you didn't even know I was gone.


You came back from Mexico via Detroit? Are you sure you didn't go to Canada instead? 

Posted by Saheli

So -- what happened when he touched it? I read too quickly and got the impression it turned him into an angry gnome. 

Posted by hedgencrisy

If I had been working at that airport, I would have inspected the wheel-toucher's luggage right then and there.


Posted by balloon pirate

That was your return flight. Do tell us more about the flight down there!

Posted by Dan

Haven't been through Customs in Detroit since they built the new terminal there, but be glad you didn't come home via Toronto -- you would have had to take a bus to baggage claim, collect your luggage, go through Canadian Customs, check your luggage back in, take a bus to the airport, claim your luggage again, go through US Customs (yes, in Toronto), check your luggage back in, then finally take a bus to the terminal the flights to the US depart from. A healthy tan and scruffy beard could only make it worse.... 

Posted by Not You

Count me among the asterisked. I had no idea you were in Mexico.

*I gotta call home more often* 

Posted by DearDarlingDidi

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