28 March, 2006

Spam redeems itself!

Today I got a spam e-mail with the following quote in it:
doesn't exist?'

'Calm down, calm down, calm down, professor,' stammered Berlioz, frightened of exciting this lunatic. ' You stay here a minute with comrade Bezdomny while I run round the corner and make a 'phone call and then we'll take you where you want to go. You don't know your way around town, [after] all...' Berlioz's plan was obviously right--to run to the nearest telephone box and tell the Aliens' Bureau that there was a foreign professor sitting at Patriarch's Ponds who was clearly insane. Something had to be done or there might be a nasty scene.

'Telephone? Of course, go and telephone if you want to,' agreed the lunatic sadly, and then suddenly begged with passion:

'But please--as a farewell request--at least say you believe in the devil! I won't ask anything more of you. Don't forget that there's still the seventh proof--the soundest! And it's just about to be demonstrated to you!'

'All right, all right,' said Berlioz pretending to agree. With a wink to the wretched Bezdomny, who by no means relished the thought of keeping
If you don't recognize this little tidbit, I order you to go forth and at once purchase for yourself a copy of The Master and Margarita, by Mikhail Bulgakov, which is my favorite book of all time. Wow! How cool is that? Maybe I'll receive the whole thing in little spam-snippets...


Something, someone, somewhere, speaking to you. The Intelligent Designer, perhaps? 

Posted by hedgedog

damn hedgehog, that's rather grandiose of you. i was thinking more like a secret admirer or a stalker. saurabh, maybe it's you-know-who sending you an invitation to his fancy dress party. time to get out the tuxedo and masque . . . 

Posted by Saheli

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