17 March, 2006

Watch this page!

New Scientists recently pointed out this patent, which is for a device that, because it can be used to disperse biological and chemical agents and was developed on a government grant, clearly violates anti-chembio weapons treaties. EM-barassing! The blushing DOD, which funded the effort, has apparently been trying to get the USPTO to remove the offending text from the patent. Thankfully the incredibly, incredibly, incredibly slow response time of the Patent Office is on our side. But any day now this ought to go poof...


Hey Saurabh - you wouldn't happen to have the link or date of the New Scientists article, would you? I'd be interesting to see their commentary. Very interesting magazine, was not aware of it prior to your post. 

Posted by J.

Unfortunately it was only in the print edition of the magazine that the item appeared. But it is a great magazine... 

Posted by saurabh

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