09 April, 2006

Happy Freedom Day!

Usually, I think I know how to speak and read English. Then I come across a couple paragraphs like these and I wonder whether I missed a day of vocabulary class.
Iraq observed "Freedom Day," a holiday that commemorates U.S. Marines tearing down a statue of
Saddam Hussein as Iraqis cheered in Firdous Square on April 9, 2003, marking the collapse of Saddam's regime.

Meanwhile, at least 15 people were killed Sunday, including eight suspected insurgents shot by American soldiers in a pre-dawn raid north of the capital.
Freedom (vree'-dome): (n) 1. The right to blow up one's self and neighbors in an attempt to affect geopolitics. 2. The right to be blown up in one's home by young men from a far-off country who for one reason or another consider one to be an insurgent. (See: misery)


I wonder what Iraqi history text books will look like say a hundred years from now and will this pseudo-freedom day get scrapped somewhere down the line. I think it will totally depend more than anything else on what trade relations Iraq has with the US by then. Enough historical evidence will be available on either side of the issue and most likely the policy makers will call the shots. Wonder how much of what my history text book is really true and how much of it is just hogwash... 

Posted by ask

Holidays like this are short-lived. As soon as the Americans are gone, this holiday will magically vanish with them. 

Posted by saurabh

ask : You think that Iraq and the United States will exist 100 years from now? I'll be surprised if there's a country called Iraq in 6 years. The U.S. has a bit longer to go.  

Posted by hedgehog

If I was the 22nd century ruler of Inner Mesopatamia, I would totally make people observe it as "Sarcasm Day."  

Posted by Saheli

why does iraq have to go away? there's still a yugoslavia. 

Posted by hibiscus

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