10 April, 2006

See this movie

If you are in San Francisco or the East Bay this week and you have 2 hours to enrich your life, turn off the computer and get thyself to a movie house. From the moviemakers:
Sir! No Sir! tells the story of one of the most vibrant and widespread upheavals of the 1960's-one that had a profound impact on American society, yet has been virtually obliterated from the collective memory of that time. Like the Vietnam War itself, the GI Antiwar Movement started small and within a few years exploded into a force that altered history. Between 1966 and 1975, groups of soldiers emerged to challenge the war and racism in the military. Group action and individual defiance, from the 500,000 GIs who deserted over the course of the war to the untold numbers who wore peace signs, defied military discipline and avoided combat, created a "Fuck the Army" counter-culture that threatened the entire military culture of the time and changed the course of the war. Sir! No Sir! chronicles the GI Antiwar Movement using vividly told stories from individual participants and never-before-seen Super-8 and 16mm film footage of events that capture the mood, politics and culture of an increasingly polarized America during wartime. (83m)
(emphasis mine) The film will open nationwide next week. The filmmakers said they are more like to get wider distribution if their opening weeks do well here in the coastal enclaves, so get out there and get you some learning. As someone who has read a fair bit about the Vietnam War and activism against it, this was still almost all new. Who knew that there was a prison riot at the Presidio of San Francisco stockade followed by a mutiny trial for 27 anti-war soldiers? Not me! (He knows lots of things.)

The film opens in New York April 17 and in Denver and Madison on the 28th.


Thbbbbt. :-p It looks like the only currently scheduled showing is in NYC. Someone seems to have horded the East Bay showings, keeping all the documentary goodness to himself and away from East Bay blarghmates. Harumph, we say.  

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Oh me of little faith. The website seems less reliable than the. It's sharing V for Vendetta in Theater 3 of the GrandLake in Oakland. I will try this week. 

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=v= I saw this film. It is a must-see. Get to NYC if you must, but see it! 

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=v= Holy cats, check out the second speaker at this event:

"T. Hallinan" 


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