26 June, 2006

$39,000 more for the USPS

Yes, the U.S. Postal Service, beleaguered by e-mail, abandoned by lovers, relegated to sadly delivering bills, jury summonses and credit card solicitations, still has a niche: carrying misinformed whackjobbery to the United Nations. The good news is these windnuts just donated $39,000 to one of my favorite institutions, one which they consider flatly horrible -- the ever-leveling democratic Post Office.


i really like this. the NRA is defending the rights of paramilitaries and gangsters to rape and kill? when did they become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the global gun industry? many hunting-nobility members would be shocked.

i was going to say that with the heightened rhetoric i was surprised nobody's taken a shot at UN headquarters recently. then i realized bolton represents an opportunity for "reform." then i realized what i should have realized a willion jillion years ago, that the existence of the UN allows people dedicated to smoke-filled reform to own and operate the federal candy store as they see fit, seeing as it's a bulwark and last stand against the threat of world government and french people taking away our guns.

then i wondered about "the coalition of the whaling" and international dilution and clicked [post comment]. 

Posted by hibiscus

What the wingnuts don't know -- yet -- is that Wayne LaPierre will sell them down the river and the gun grabbers aren't going to be wearing blue helmets. The real  confiscation is going to be carried out by the National Guard of their states.

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! 

Posted by J. Alva Scruggs


People who talk incessantly about bloated bureaucracy usually forget that in order to solve a problem, you must understand it, and in order to understand it, you must have data on it. Nothing riles me up faster than people complaining about information gathering agencies, a crucial part of the UN. It's an anti-scientific attitude--therefore anti-engineering and anti-progress. Things like the security council and the human rights council have plenty of problems, but WHO, UNDP and even UNICEF show the UN was and still is a great idea.  

Posted by Saheli

and in order to have data on it, you must have a think tank. and in order to have a think tank, you must have a family fortune. and in order to have a family fortune, you must have a bloated bureaucracy to milk! yay! 

Posted by hibiscus

and in order to have data on it, you must have a think tank.

Um, no. You just need dedicated people with clipboards and math and people and geography skills.  

Posted by Saheli

well, it's fine to have faith in measurable reality, but don't go overboard. real results require incontrovertible rationalizations. give the people what they want, and what they want is prophesy and "i'd rather be chosen than smart" bumper stickers. 

Posted by hibiscus

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