14 June, 2006

Nazi punks, fuck off

Punk ain't no religious cult
Punk means thinking for yourself...

You'll be the first to go
You'll be the first to go
You'll be the first to go
Unless you think


wow, that looks easy. i want to be a right-leaning blogger! do i have to believe what i'm saying or can i just pose. 

Posted by hibiscus

also in relation to nazis and racism and things, it looks very much as though the final match of the men's football world cup will be between argentina and brazil. a powerful refutation of european soccer nativism (first world cup final w/o european team in 50+ years) with neato meanings relating to runaway nazis, favelas, south american consolidation, and just general us-vs-them-ness.

also i would like to point out that argentina just beat the best defensive line of the qualifying rounds, 6-0. bwa ha ha ha. 

Posted by hibiscus

proud white europeans could blame goats tho if their pigment-deprived butts get kicked from here to the trophy. some horse poop about foreigners sapping the pure strength of the people.

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