02 June, 2006

That rendition stuff is going great

The people in charge in Washington started grabbing suspects and throwing them in a hole after 9/11 because they were wimps. They thought our system of due process couldn't handle these guys. They were so ahistorical they thought they were living in a whole new world, one with bigger badder threats than ever, one that required something new and different. Rendition, Gitmo, the "black sites."

Now, yet another likely Al-Qaeda member gets freed because evidence from these enemy combatants is useless in court. Add him to the list that already includes Mounir el Motassadeq in Germany and quite possibly some characters here in the U.S.

Toughen up, Washington. Just because you can't take a punch doesn't mean the rest of us can't. We don't need your panicked "defense" that leaves us in more danger than we were before. Time to realize that the tough, manly, honorable response to violence is to defend yourself and then keep doing what you were doing before, like James Bond straightening his tux and returning to his cocktail.

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