03 July, 2006

Summer photo season

I just had to snap this off at the Triborough Bridge in New York.

Terror alert Yellow

I'm glad I took off my kaffiyeh.


In my experience you don't need a Kaffiyeh, you just need to be brown. I'm apparently just as intimidating in a Limited suit and Nine West shoes as I am in a Salwar Kameez from Pantaloons or Berkeley sweatshirt and ripped Target jeans.

That's an f---ing awesome video. Me and my J-school buddies thought of pulling the same experiment, but we were too sickly to all bear wandering about in the cold needlessly that week, and then forgot about it.

Then again, when I went to India, they still  searched me everywhere, so maybe there's been a surge in suppressed terrorist plots perpetrated by 5'1" ladies.

(Actually, seriously, the very last security person I went past in a month of flying all over India finally tipped me off to why the hell I was setting off all their flags. I was carrying too many batteries AND I was a foreigner. In retrospect this strikes me as a falsely weird correlation--I was carrying too many batteries precisely *because* I was a foreigner, and therefore had an obsessive need to document stay and a hatred of running out of electricity. It was more reassuring then getting stopped here though, b/c at least I know that batteries can be used for mischief, unlike, say, my skin.)  

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I'm not going to tell you about the time that Saurabh got us all questioned by the FBI. But cameras were involved. 

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