28 August, 2006

Cavalcade of exploding batteries!

It seems Apple is following suit in recalling Li-ion batteries due to overheating/EXPLOSION!!!! This prompts us to a new poll, courtesy of Hedgehog.*

* Specially since that old one actually reached statistical significance for the first time ever. I'm a bit disappointed with the results, actually - more public support for flying belts might actually spur investment dollars into researching them. I want to own a fucking flying belt before I die, damnit. Plus, there's only one damn Battle Cat, people, you're not all going to be able to ride him.


you must be
---------- THIS TALL
to ride the
battle cat 

Posted by hibiscus

You must be able to defeat He-Man in an arm wrestling match to ride Battle Cat. 

Posted by saurabh

Or merely charm him into asking Battle Cat to ferry you about. :) 

Posted by Saheli

i had thought of an economic downturn in eternia leading to opening castle grayskull to the public, with skeletor giving tours of the dungeon and the remaining cast hosting a kids' fair in the main hall, with rides on battle cat, a magic sword display, etc. he-man would be the old man operating the "i have the POWER" video show in the former master bedroom. by the power of grayskull, please exit to the right.

anyway i've lost interest in battle cats. now i want a ride on a sky kanga .

according to the encyclopedia of comic book heroes  (wonder woman edition), "sky kangas are gigantic kangaroos, specially 'bred by the amazons for short space trips,' which journey through space making long, nimble leaps 'from meteorite to planetoid.' the sky kangas were first introduced to the amazons by masked invaders from outer space who rode their sky kangas onto paradise island and attempted to conquer it. the amazons defeated the space raiders, but kept the sky kangas." who wouldn't!

sky kangas first appeared in wonder woman in 1943, when she was still using light bondage to teach her mostly female adversaries love, kindness, and service to others.

(ordinary kangas are used for "girl-roping," the amazons' favorite sport. it's like calf roping plus polo, with jumping.) 

Posted by hibiscus

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