06 August, 2006

Never understanding the race had long gone by

Plenty of people fear that the leaders of the U.S. are fired by apocalyptic fantasies.

And according to a 2002 Time/CNN poll, 59% of Americans think the events portrayed in Revelation will happen; 17% think the events will take place within their lifetimes.

I pity the fools.

They don't realize that the Rapture took place on September 4, 2005. I was burrowing across the country with my pal in a car. We saw first one vehicle, pulled over on the side of the road, with belongings but no person inside. Then another. A few miles later, yet another.

There it was -- these folks were Raptured up. I mean, all told, it's not like there were going to be very many taken into the Kingdom. 144,000 -- 12,000 from each of the tribes. Goodbye to them. I wonder if they've found what they're looking for.

Now as for the rest of y'all, quit your hopeless, unrequited carping at the toenails of your almighty and get down with your bad selves. We have Sodoming and Gomorrahing to do.


That's just scary. I say that as an American.

Of course, considering that 50% of Americans believe that Saddam Hussein had WMDs (that's a recent report, not from years ago), I'm not surprised about that revelation thing, either.

This is a faith country. I've got nothing against faith, but when you ignore facts in favor of faith, then there's a problem (see: evolution vs. creationism, global warming, stem cell research, etc.) 

Posted by mikey

Well, I pity all of us,


Posted by Martin Schilde

Does it still count as an apocalyptic fantasy  if they are working to make it come true?
Also, splendid use of BA’s countenance.


Posted by ER Dunhill

A breath of fresh air among the dust of the apocalyptic desert... 

Posted by hizza

I think I believe what most people think we believe when confronted with our beliefs that we think are believable. But of course, I think we all tend to believe what we think is belevable in accordance to our own way of thinking.

I didn't get sucked up in the rapture, but I saw a guy on late night TV who said if I sent for his prayer cloth then I'd be eligable for a front row seat for the second coming. Which I've been told should take place somewhere in the general vacinity of either Exeter, New Hampshire, or Vincennes, Indiana. 

Posted by Hagadasha Abernatherary

I made a bumper sticker that says " in case of Rapture, I'm taking some of those unmaned cars". 

Posted by Ted Gammon

You almost have it right. Date and Place are a little mixed up.


What you saw was a caravan of nudists.



Posted by jarred

Good luck to those waiting for the big ol' Rapture! It's not anywhere in the book of Revelations (not chapter 7, not 6 or 8 either), nor anywhere else in the Bible either. I was curious, so I looked. Not there!

The "Rapture" was devised by a teenaged girl in Scotland around 1830 who was terrified of the whole fire and brimstone-end of the world-Armageddon-be good or else that she was getting at church.

My thought is that the folks who believe in the Rapture hope to exempt the final in this series of tests I like to call life.

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