11 August, 2006

Read between the lines!

I know we're not supposed to take Internet polls seriously, but the one on this Boston Herald article was too good to pass up:
Are you surprised by the N.H. poll that found such high negatives for Hillary Clinton?

9%Yes, she is a viable candidate

83%No, she is a self-serving politician

8%It's as irrelevent as N.H. is in the big picture
Total Votes: 3,034


Um, "viable candidate" and "self-serving politician" aren't mutually exclusive.

But it is irrelevant. Right wingers will warm up to Hillary for the simple reason that she never bit her lip on live television. 

Posted by Omri

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Would Hillary be as popular if she was not married to Bill?


Does Hillary's marriage to Bill detract from her marketability as a potential presidential candidate? 

Posted by Bionic Buddha

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Posted by Anonymous

She has one less viable contender since Joe Lieberman got canned as a Democrat serving Connecticut. This will only make her stronger in her bid for the party nomination. 

Posted by threetablesbeach

Good job! On getting to be a blog of note. I don't think Hillary will ever be President of the United States. I would vote for if she ran, but the Electoral College (the people that really elect the President) would never let her be President, even if she won the Popular vote. 

Posted by S. ScottCraft

I'm so confused . . .but if congratulations are in order, congrats!

I'm also confused by people's strong feelings about Clinton. . .to me she's always seemed smart, competent, but of mixed enough opinions as to be uninspiring--of either devotion or hatred. 

Posted by Sahell

I do not understand what the poll is supposed to imply. It asked if you are surprised that NH poll found so many negatives for Hillary Clinton. The answers are 1. Yes she is a viable candidate, 2. No

Whare the negatives. 86% said that she is a viable candidate. If it had found that she is not a viable candidate there would have been negatives. 

Posted by Satish Bhardwaj

Congrats on the blog-of-note titleation lol. Interesting topics around here - I shall return often, I presume. As per the internets pole: I can't believe anybody trusts any politician..... 

Posted by Mike

Great design! Simple but stunning! 

Posted by Christerz

"self-serving politician"

sounds like most every politician to me... 

Posted by Me

Relevant? New Hampshire? Hillary Clinton?
Which one does NOT belong?! There is 0% chance that the tacitern, assinine, do nothing, anti-semite Hillary could ever run anything but her mouth.  

Posted by Ted

"but the Electoral College (the people that really elect the President) would never let her be President even if she won the Popular vote."

The so-called Electoral College is nothing more than a title. Just to make things simple for you, let's say a state counts as 4 electoral votes. This means they have 8 delegates to the electoral college: 4 republican and 4 democrat. If the republican wins the plurality of the vote, the 4 republican electoral college delegates cast their vote for the republican. If the democrat wins the plurality of the vote, then the 4 democrat electoral college delegates cast their vote for the democrat. Some states require the electoral college delegates vote the will of the people, some don't. But it is rare to see them not go with whoever wins the plurality of the vote. In the 2000 election, only one electoral college delegate voted against the will of the people, actually they abstained their vote as a protest. But again, that is rare. Yes, the Electoral College does not make sense and we should be rid of it.

Sorry for the long reply, but I had to chime in on that one bit. 

Posted by ME

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