16 August, 2006

Unsafe at any speed?

Egad! All this talk of exploding Dell laptops raises some fears in me: is my plan to make an Electric Mini actually a plan to create a 1200-pound death-box that might burst into flames at any moment? You see, it turns out that the lithium electrolyte solution in lithium-ion batteries is highly flammable. Some people allege that the acrylonitrile polymer solution in lithium-polymer batteries is less flammable, but this is not necessarily comforting.

What's a mad scientist to do? There's other possibilities; this guy claims to have invented a flywheel for use in electric cars. That's at least more intriguing - instead of exploding, you could send a spinning disk, hurtling through the air at several times the speed of sound, into a nearby crowd, decapitating dozens before it lodges itself in the "B" of a nearby Baskin Robbins sign.


Not a Baskin Robbins sign! Nooooooooo!!!

These people are evil!

saurabh, your comment form doesn't work when you have word verification enabled. Think it's best to ditch the form and go back to Bloggers comments.

Yeah, I know, it makes me sad. It used to work, until blogger changed their stupid comments API and I had to remove the in-line word verification. I detest their comment input form and wish they were more flexible about it; but they don't seem to be very big on the whole "provide useful features to our users" front. I think this is still more encouraging of comments, though a bit confusing. 

Posted by saurabh

If you're going to store huge amounts of energy in a small volume, you're going to have risks of one sort of another. You could make lemonade out of a lemon by turning the batteries into a personal self defence weapon based on mutual assured destruction, though. 

Posted by Omri

You'll enjoy this one. I stardted from your post and went over to read some web pages about flywheels and then ended up.... reading a whole crap about free energy devices.

It's funny how sometime, following link on the web seems to quantum tunnel you to subjects that really has nothing to do with your initial interest. Hmm... inspired by all this pseudo science I just read I am tempted to start a whole new theory abord "Quantum Jumping in Internet Links".

Ok... I know, I should ease up on the grass.

PS :
I am of the crowd who invaded you after blogger put you out as a blog of interest. So sue them if my comments are offensive...  

Posted by Doomu Rewmi

You should check out these loons at the Conservative Jungle . They're trying to compare Democrats to Nazis! 

Posted by Joe

First time visitor...liked the rhino!

As a Dell laptop owner (older breed - owner and laptop) I will attest to the truthiness of what is said about the batteries, but only by what I think I want to believe what is true.

Thermo-chemical reactions are all part of a larger scheme perpetrated upon scientist by the REAL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, in that we the scientist are led to believe that this is merely a chemical reaction within the battery housing of the laptop. However, the RPOTW know that through intelligent design (think oxymoron..or just moron if you care) this is actually the work of GOD, punishing ONLY sinful people who have objectionable images, thoughts, words, links or blogs upon their sullied laptop computers made by Dell with Sony batteries.

I thank you. 

Posted by Mustang

Again to the heart of the issue, but really lets accept that THE BASKIN ROBIN'S SIGN MUST NOT BE HARMED!!! If this increase in popularity keeps up the comments will be a simple "Who do I kill?".

Dylan of Beyond The Bang 

Posted by Dylan

Congrats on being a blog of note!

-- FreeCyprus
Hellenic Reporter   

Posted by FreeCyprus

If I had a dollar for each time my parents said that some people allege that the acrylonitrile polymer solution in lithium-polymer batteries is less flammable... well.. I'd be a rich man...

Nice blog.. 

Posted by greg

No wonder that B looked a little funny!

Is there an end to terror ? It started with 9/11 then Katrina and now exploding DELL LapTops !!!
What's next ?


Posted by pepe

You could always amass a huge (infinite) stock of lemons and use a teleporter to teleport one lemon after another into the part of the car that produces energy. And you wouldn't need to use air freshener. 

And woah, your comment thingamajig is really wierd. I don't know if this only shows up on a mac firefox, but i get a really wierd blank white page except for some comments centered and then a claustrophobic comment entry form with a word verification thing (without the picture) and a preview and submit button. If you get that press the preview button, and it will go back to the normal interface.

Posted by Nikhil

Yes, mine tends to overheat a little and have alwsys wondered about how save the battery was on my Dell laptop. Now I hope it doesn't flame out like those. 

Posted by jammu

Golly gee whiz, there are usually always risks/costs to accompany the benefits of technological advances. But yes, we ought to make it so that the costs are minimized as much as possible and we have more reliable stuff. Then again, you're going to have to work on the invention in order to avoid the ultimate cost: a screwed up Baskin Robbins. Just kidding, folks. It must be painful to get sliced by that disk.

Nice job...love the blog...

Posted by Macman

Gotta admit, I have no f'in idea what you're blog is about. I got the rhino part, and i see the political views. Do you have a mission or purpose or is it just write whatever. Interesting... 

Posted by Chris

ok.. thats just scary.. so much for making the world a safer place?? me thinks we're all gonna die.. all fear the Baskin Robbins Sign!! 

Posted by Caitlin

so is it me or is it just as (or at least nearly as) likely that my non-recalled dell battery will explode as the ones that have been recalled? i find it highly suspicious that only certain models and batteries have been targeted when, ultimately, it's the same design flaw, no?

Maybe someone who understand this stuff will be willing to explain the scientific side of it to me--the corporate greed part I already understand :) 

Posted by saurav

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