15 August, 2006

We are a dying breed

You will be missed.
Meant to post this a while back, but it seems the West African Black rhino* is extinct. As a species we've managed to eliminate most of the amazing megafauna in the world - only a few left! Let's keep trying, people.

* So called to distinguish it from the White rhino, "White" being taken from the Afrikaans "weit" for "wide", to describe the latter's wide mouth.


Why is it always about color? Did they die of black-rhino-on-black-rhino violence?

How come you never hear about any bi-racial rhinos? You know there have to be some. 

Posted by Mist 1

Being serious, it's just one of those times when you think, 'Damn, this world is screwed up.' I can't remember who, but someone predicted that billions would die this century because our civilization would fail, as all of the others have failed before us, with the loss in life rising each time... I think I speak for all of us when I say, 'Oh boy, I can't wait!' 

Posted by Lyze

That damned old second law of thermodynamics. It's as if the number and complexity of species on this planet is decreasing...odd, that's exactly what the second law says should happen when scientists try to tell us evolution is happening. Evolution being that thing that has never actually been observed in a labratory.

Sorry about all the deletes. Wouldn't want you to associate being a crhistian who's still on the line when it comes to evolution with being uneducated or just plain unable to type.

Ugh. Second law of thermodynamics, evolution... couldn't you just drive a steel spike into my skull instead? Do you even know what thermodynamics is? Nyargh. I'd suggest you read this . 

Posted by saurabh

Hey, waitaminit, I'm the one with the entropy field. And then there's Saheli S* R Datta, whose first middle initial is rumored to stand for that self-same force of nature.  

Posted by hedgehog

Isn't the by-gone black rhino....just another fading blip in the evolution of species? Perhaps his time was up in the grande scheme. Do we weep for T-Rex and the DoDo? Last year, several varieties of frogs also fell off the radar screen of existence....Do we dismiss them as minor-fauna? Soon it will be homoerectus turn.....who will reflect and sob over our demise.

Relax and enjoy the ride...it is short! 

Posted by JooN

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