08 August, 2006

who could have predicted this?

aside from everyone?

Prize quote: "Although countries have talked about encrypting data that's stored on passport chips, this would require that a complicated infrastructure be built first, so currently the data is not encrypted." Good thing the countries of the world don't want their borders to have any complicated infrastructure. That would have made it much harder for me to sell my passport next time I needed money while traveling. Not that I would ever do such a thing.


I thought these days pets had their own passports - even hedgehogs - they do in england lol. 

Posted by Steve

Yep, this has already been confirmed. Germany already has RFID embedded passports and the data can all be read easily from a few feet away.
Japanese retailers are already marketing RFID proof cases to keep your Passports safe...
this really makes me feel more secure.
Now if we had driver's licenses with similar features, maybe random violence on the street would be reduced too?!
go king george go.

Goodbye Helicopter

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