15 September, 2006

Prepare y'self, scurrilous scallywag!

Tuesday the 19th of September is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. The preceding link has some good starting points, but you might want to consult this site for a better guide that includes some nautical terminology as well. A personal favorite innovation of mine, introduced to me by MIT's Journal of Humor, "Voodoo"*, is the exclamation "Goo!". As in:
Cap'n Juggleharness: Goo! Me peg-leg's caught in this cursed rigging! Don't raise the yardarm
on the mizzen-mast, ye scurvy lubbers!
[ Yardarm is unfortunately raised anyway, taking the good Cap'n with it.]
Cap'n Juggleharness: Waughh!!

Bone up on your lingo. You wouldn't want to be caught with your pantaloons down 'round your ankles.

* In the "Taupebeard" short play from this issue.


Arrrrrr! This explains why me matey Bush is addresing the United Nations on Tuesday! 

Posted by Saurav

I am ridiculously excited about this holiday. I have been gluing jewels to an eyepatch all day. Seriously. 

Posted by Mist1

Arrrr! Me harties, be ye sprogs or gents o' forrrrtune? Shiver me timbers and hoist the Jolly Roger, tis time to set sail! 

Posted by Saheli

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