11 September, 2006

Republicans win

Forget terrorism, the Nov. 7 election will be decided on gas prices. Which look like they are headed in one direction. $40 a barrel? Really?

I am happy to see the U.S. opening to talks with Iran. I just wish it didn't mean that we'd get another two years of this. Especially after hearing that a huge majority of Americans want the White House investigated to find out what the heck they've been doing for the past 6 years.


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amazing that you can make numbers dance with a couple visas and a fake smile. or is it a good time to heave a very camera-ready sigh of relief before selling off. there must be a lot more "decider" people judging the worth of war based on its market timing than i thought?

a quick reverse engineering  of the 9/11 narrative as it stands now, on the other side of the fence from suspicions of conspiracy. 

Posted by hibiscus 

Posted by hibiscus

wow....i wish bush was that open to khatami when the guy was actually president of iran.

oh well...better late than theocracy. 

Posted by saurav

don't worry, saurav, it will all be over after Nov. 7. 

Posted by hedgehog

Which part? The theocratic element in American politics or the Bush administration's power?

If I had 3 wishes between now and Nov. 7, one of them would probably be for the Democrats to take the House back. That seems the best tactic for obstruction, if they actually manage to be disciplined.

The Senate doesn't really matter, as far as I can tell. 

Posted by saurav

Oh sorry Saurav, I was being negative -- I meant that his interest in hearing from Khatami would be over Nov. 7, after which we can go back to the horror at hand -- but forget that all for a minute, I think our host has something important to say. See subsequent posts.  

Posted by hedgehog

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