15 September, 2006

Violence! Violence!

I read Chris Hitchen's 9/11 editorial in the WSJ last night. I realize Hitchens jumped the shark quite a while back, and one really should give very short shrift to everything on the Journal's editorial page, but I'm continually astounded that people can openly espouse doctrines that should, at least ostensibly, be anathema these days. Here's his conclusion:
The second point makes me queasy, but cannot be ducked. "We"--and our allies--simply have to become more ruthless and more experienced. An unspoken advantage of the current awful strife in Iraq and Afghanistan is that it is training tens of thousands of our young officers and soldiers to fight on the worst imaginable terrain, and gradually to learn how to confront, infiltrate, "turn," isolate and kill the worst imaginable enemy. These are faculties that we shall be needing in the future.
This is what happens when you stay up late nights watching "Commando" and "Rambo, First Blood: Part Two" on FX.


oh, "the worst imaginable enemy." for the life of me i couldn't read that as anything but "imaginary" for the longest time. i wonder why. isn't that funny! 

Posted by hibiscus

i'm kind of curious what happened to him. many people flip in their old age, but he's really gone ape$hit. perhaps this is what a flipped contrarian looks like. 

Posted by saurav

Haan... lagta hai saala sathiyaa gaya hai... :P 

Posted by anonymoussbsy

hitchens's madness is giving me a new idea. how many guys i don't give a shit about do i have to torture and villify to keep global warming and energy policy off the front page? after all my goal for more than 20 years is to shape policy debate by forcing today's subject to be the extreme end of my set of goals. look, we're debating whether torture is a good way to deal with the consequences of insatiability. man i bet i can keep half the country tied up with this for years with a single small prison. 

Posted by hibiscus

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