06 September, 2006

What evil lies in the secret chamber of my browser cache?

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Sometimes you get an e-mail from a person you don't know. Sometimes you live in an age where it is possible to find out arbitrary levels of detail about arbitrary people. Sometimes you do this on a whim. No one knows you did this. The only evidence it leaves behind is a trace in your cache and an oily feeling on the inside of your chest cavity. Are you a sleaze? Or is this harmless fun?


What worries me is that this evil that lies in a secret chamber of my browser cache might have many clones elsewhere. Heck! The google servers know more about me than I care to... :( 

Posted by Anshul

I prefer to ego-surf. I don't care to know about them as much as I care what they know about me. Not sleazy, just narcissistic. 

Posted by Mist1

google's not all that. 2, maybe 3 times a week i still have to go through her trash. otherwise i don't really know how she's feeling. 

Posted by hibiscus

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