03 October, 2006

Charm & diction

OMG i hav 2 tell u abt this thing i found out its a nu way to talk!!! seems like every 1 on da internet is doing it lol lmao. actually u no it is not ez it is like a dialect even! altho i havnt dun any kindof linguistic analises(sp??) so i dunno if its rely tru... probably its just a pidgin(?). ne way wut do u think??? i used 2 thnk since kidz were online all day they wud b reeding more n also riting bt seems like they dont lmao!!! i mean did u eva see ne1's my space page no 4 real they are so gay i mean no 1 can spell its like they neva red any books or ne thing. makes me sad o well cud just be im old and its like youth culture?? but then y is it so dumb?? cud b now ne 1 can rite online even if u r an idiot so we get more idiots riting?? i dont think thats it i think it is anti-intelectualism cuz if u dont spell rite and form complete sentences no 1 will think u r a nerd lol!!! 2 bad u wud think ppl wud want 2 b smarter n rite gud bt seems like frivolity is da rule 2day. goddamn i hope wen i hav kids they can rite gud cuz i wud be ashamed if they rote like an illiterate person... yo where is da pride??? ^_^ ne way l8rz much luv!!!! <333


flashmobocracy VS the blogosphere, 64 rounds, this saturday night, be there 

Posted by hibiscus

It is official. I am too old. Sure, I wear the clothes, I listen to the music, I drink the Red Bull...but I cannot speak the speak. 

Posted by Mist1

Wow! Great job Saurabh... I dont think I could have managed that even if I tried! 

Posted by anshul

Blame the sms - squeezing all commincative acts into 160 characters.

I used to teach English to bratty schoolkids until the tidal wave of illiteracy became overwhelming. I got out while I still could... cul8r m8! 

Posted by Glamourpuss

Yes, I know there's a typo - I was being ironic...

Does Babelfish now have an "English to Netspeak" translator? That takes skill, man. 

Posted by DearDarlingDidi

Twitch... That was just so amazing... Wonderful... I really felt the passion there... Hehehe...

*techno music in background*

Netspeak: The Bane Of The Future!

See it today!

Ugh... Mmm. You have to love the illiteracy... It gives you that special "I'm better than all of them" feeling when you actually bother to write something on the internet... At least that's always fun..

Oh, by the way... When I read that... illspeak, as I shall call it, I think my IQ plummeted to around ten. I could honestly feel the absence of worry about the world's problems in my mind.. Maybe I should read that more often... O.o 

Posted by Lyze

lately all i seem to do is link to commondreams.org. contrary to this article  i think the reason is not my electronically-created social discomfort, it's that my friends all link to random things because they are busy. 

Posted by hibiscus

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