30 October, 2006

Request permission to pick nits, sir.

They say that wars are how Americans learn geography. But how are we supposed to learn ggeography when our own army gives us maps like this. Click and ye shall see -- a map part way down the page showing the Iraq war, Operation Iraqi Liberation (Libation? Lieberman Nation?), taking place half in Iraq and half in Iran. More strangely, it shows a huge imaginary body of water, depicted in white and considerably bigger than the Caspian Sea, to the east of the Caspian, roughly on the ancient lakebed of the Aral Sea (PDF). It immerses the embarassment known as Uzbekistan. Talk about a whitewash.

To the southwest of this imaginary lake, apparently on the real-world border of Iran and Turkmenistan, we are told U.S. forces are hard at work on something called Operation Enduring Freedom, which at last report was still focused on Afghanistan.

I wonder if this website used a Pentagon base map. Because if so, that might explain some of the tactical difficulties currently facing our armed forces.

Update 2 p.m.: Mr. Schwarz makes a similar point.


it looks like they deported the great lakes.

hmm. all the weapons listed lower on the page have a "mission." for the small arms, the mission is always, "deter, and if necessary, compel adversaries by enabling individuals and small units [to kill individuals and small units]." does that work? does carrying a machine rifle really make you less likely to be shot at? is there any scenario where people who are not armed are more likely to be killed than the people with the guns? i think the guns are a failure. maybe it's more mission creep. 

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