09 October, 2006

Song of experience


Late update: N. Korea appears to have flunked its test. Maybe less Song of Experience, more the last lines of The Hollow Men. Or, as the news networks delighted in reminding us today, like this.

*I remember when George Bush was elected and I thought, `well, if we can just drift through the next four years without any major crises, how much harm can he do?'


You know, I don't find that completely comforting. B/c my little piece of relief when I first saw the news was, "oh, a nuclear bomb is only a 4.2? That's not so bad. It would take a 1000 bombs to make a really big earthquake." 1000 bombs is just on the side of, well, only two countries probably have that many, and I don't think they're THAT crazy. Bring that number down and it stresses me out. I probably watched Superman I too many times as a child, but causing earthquakes (and relative containment of radiation) seems like a horribly effective use of the weapon, and one that would cause fewer hesitations than the standard drop from above scenario.  

Posted by Saheli

it's kind of nice being past the liberal side of stuff right now. i mean, virtually nobody will listen to me who has a real way to prevent the use of nuclear weapons. i feel free to keep trying to look long. if there were a big movement that was around saying, "nuclear weapons are exactly what's wrong with the big money approach to managing the world," i'd be there wearing bells because it'd imply that there was a larger trouble being addressed. i'm sick of puppet-dancing. bin laden, bushco, kim, who wants to work the strings next. 

Posted by hibiscus

This is priceless, from the IMDB "Team America: World Police" page:
"MPAA: Rated R for graphic crude and sexual humor, violent images and strong language - all involving puppets." 

Posted by saurabh

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