03 October, 2006


Occupying streets is for losers. Occupying Wal-Mart? Now you're talking. Or hablando, as the case may be.

If you can't deal with the lengthy and tough-to-comprehend Spanish chanting, just jump 10 minutes into the video. It gets better and better.

And in case you haven't been closely tracking Mexican politics, they had an election this summer in which the lefty was narrowly beaten by the rightist in an election marked with many irregularities. Voto x Voto, or Voto por voto, or vote by vote, has become the slogan of the lefty's demonstrators, who occupied the financial core of the nation's capital for more than a month in August and September.

According to Chris of Attitude Adjustor, such demonstrations took place at 22 Wal-Marts around Mexico City in one afternoon. I don't know -- I was in Mexico at the time and unsurprisingly heard nothing about it on the national news. Maybe this explains why the security at the Wal-Mart near the Refineria metro station got so nervous when I started shooting photos two days ago. (Yes, there's a subway station for the refinery. I went there just cause I loved its name. The area was dismal, with WalMart sharing space with a mall called "Suburbia" that reminded me mostly of the movie Suburbia.)

Strange, I have so much to write about Mexico and here I am starting by writing about something I see on the Internet rather than all that I saw and recorded with my eyes, pen, recorder and camera.

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