07 October, 2006

We are all Lost.

I was torrenting the season premiere of Lost*. My torrent client, KTorrent, is incredibly snazzy and has a nice info-widget where it shows all the peers you're connected to, as well as (uselessly) where they are located. Check out this international festival:
Argentina 1
Australia 2
Austria 1
Belgium 3
Brazil 7
Canada 8
Colombia 1
Cyprus 1
Czech Republic 2
Finland 4
France 4
Germany 2
Greece 1
Hungary 1
Ireland 1
Israel 1
Italy 1
Kuwait 1
Malaysia 2
Malta 2
Netherlands 1
Norway 1
Poland 8
Romania 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Slovenia 1
Spain 2
Sweden 1
Switzerland 1
Thailand 1
Turkey 1
United Arab Emirates 2
United Kingdom 29
United States 17
Unknown 7

The Internet is definitely cool.

* I know... the depth of my shame is great. I am hanging my head even now.

Only for KDE, chumps!


I've always had problems with ktorrent and massive suckage. What version do you use? 

Posted by Dan

2.0.2... what kind of suckage? Seems to work great for me. You have to forward TCP and UDP traffic if you're behind a firewall... 

Posted by saurabh

azureus also has a plug-in for show-guessing location and flag. plus it has a pretty frog

Posted by hibiscus

I like the flag for Unknown. 

Posted by Saheli

Usually, graphs make me feel smarter. But right now, I'm not so sure. 

Posted by Mist 1

Am I the only person in the world who hates Lost?

i refuse to watch lost  until i've watched the rest of the prisoner, does that count? 

Posted by hibiscus

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